Just because humans can't celebrate Halloween this year, doesn't mean that the animals can't have any fun. While Doug Ford told Torontonians to not go trick-or-treating, he never said anything about furry critters. 

The Toronto Zoo has spent the month of October sharing adorable pictures of their animals getting into the spooky spirit.

From carving pumpkins to enjoying treats, these little critters are finding creative ways to celebrate the holiday. 

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Torontonians may have been told to stay home, but that rule doesn't apply to the giraffes. 

The tigers are also getting into the spooky spirit, while the rest of us watch on with FOMO. 

Of course, you can leave it to the hyenas to destroy the party before it even starts.

The Halloween celebration wouldn't be complete with this majestic cat posing with some pumpkins for the perfect photo.