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The Toronto Zoo Will Only Allow Fully Vaccinated Guests To Visit Starting This Month

The Toronto Zoo has announced that starting October 25, all eligible visitors will need to be vaccinated in order to enter.

The new mandatory vaccination policy applies to members, business partners, contractors, and all other guests aged 12 and older unless they have a medical exemption.

"Our decision to implement this policy is based on many factors, including our responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of our staff, our guests and our animals," Toronto Zoo CEO Dolf DeJong said in a press release, noting that some animals like tigers and lions are susceptible to the virus.

Outdoor spaces such as the grounds and Terra Lumina are included in the policy. Staff will check vaccination documents at the Zoo's front entrance.

The Zoo is also requiring volunteers and staff to be fully vaccinated by October 30.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on the vaccines and can answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.

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Mandatory Vaccination Will Kick In For TTC Workers Next Month & Their Jobs Are On The Line

The TTC says the change could mean fewer service hours for Torontonians, too!

Employees with the TTC only have a few months to get vaccinated or face losing their job, according to its new mandatory vaccination policy.

According to a release posted on October 15, the transit agency said unvaccinated employees will be put on unpaid leave on November 20 and fired after December 31 if they do not get vaccinated or share their proof of vaccination.

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The Toronto Zoo Is Looking For A Young Red Fox Who 'Dug A Deep Hole' To Escape Last Month

Todd left his habitat "to explore the Canadian Domain," the Zoo says. 🦊

A red fox has been missing from the Toronto Zoo since he broke free from his habitat last September.

In a Facebook post on October 8, the zoo announced that a young red fox named Todd found a weak spot in his habitat and escaped in mid-September. Despite the zoo's best search efforts, he has yet to be found. Todd has been at the zoo's former wolf habitat in the Canadian Domain since June.

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The Toronto Zoo & Toronto Symphony Orchestra Are Making A 'Zoophony' Using Animal Sounds

It'll be a digital concert that'll be released to schools in November.

Have you ever heard of or listened to a "zoophony" before? Well, the Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) are coming together to create one.

In an announcement posted on October 5, the Toronto Zoo said they'll be partnering up with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to put out a creative digital concert experience for students.

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The animals at the Toronto Zoo have brought joy to people for many years and now they're helping create renewable power for 250 homes in the GTA.

The ZooShare Biogas Cooperative just launched its newest project to create renewable power from zoo manure and food waste, according to a press release.

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