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Person voting. Right: Elections Ontario sign.

Person voting. Right: Elections Ontario sign.

It's election day in Ontario, and both the young and the old are heading out to cast their ballots, some for the very first time.

On June 2, Ontarians decided who they wanted to be their next provincial leader and were eager to show off their voting skills on camera.

The ballots rolled in after party leaders travelled across the province for the past month, sharing their promises with residents in hopes to gain their votes.

"Making her vote count for the VERY first time!" wrote one user, with a young voter posing next to one of Elections Ontario signs.

Proud parents also took to Twitter to celebrate their children's milestones. "Kiddo voted for the first time. I couldn't be prouder."

Some of the younger voters even appeared to take part in advance polling so they could still rock out at prom. "Voting for the first time was so important to our eldest that she [voted] at advanced poll because today is her prom," wrote another user.

"For some of us, it's a pretty special day. Voted for the first time in my life today- at 30," wrote another user who celebrated the big voting win on June 2.

If you haven't had the chance to cast your ballot yet, there is still time. Polls are open across the province until 9 p.m. on Thursday night.

If you're unsure of who to vote for still, all parties have laid out their promises that you can review beforehand.

Happy voting!

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