Niagara Falls is great, but it's not the only grand waterfall worth visiting in Ontario.

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Kakabeka Falls is a glorious cascade of water that spills into a massive gorge carved out of Ontario's 1.6-million-year-old Precambrian Shield. It is the second largest waterfall in the province, with a vertical drop of 130 feet. Located just west of Thunder Bay, the falls are easily accessible off of Highway 11/17. Because the area is not commercialized like Niagara Falls is, onlookers are treated to only the most natural of views of the province's green and rugged landscape.

The falls are located within Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, which contains elevated boardwalk trails and platforms for viewing purposes. The trails begin at the parking lot and meander throughout the entire park. They also lead to a pedestrian bridge, which offers yet another breathtaking view of the landscape. As you move further away from the falls, you'll see multiple areas of the gorge that the Kam River has cut through over a period of 2 billion years.

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park is open year round and even has a campground where you can stay overnight. Whether you're looking to take amazing photos, or have a picnic by the water, Kakabeka Falls is definitely worth a visit!

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