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Gone But Not Forgotten: The Incredible History Of Toronto’s Honest Ed’s (VIDEO)

There was no place like this place, anywhere!

Whether you loved shopping there or never got the chance, Honest Ed’s, and its often confusing layout, was a landmark spot in Toronto that was unlike anything else the city had to offer.

In this edition of Then&Now, we look back at the iconic discount store that graced Bloor Street for over six decades.

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Named after Ed Mirvish — the Toronto entrepreneur who helped shape the city's theatre scene — Honest Ed's first opened its doors back in 1948.

While Torontonians may remember the place as defining the southwest corner of Bathurst St. and Bloor St. West, that wasn’t always the case, as prior to 1984, the store didn’t extend to Bathurst St.

Following the store’s expansion — and the addition of its famed marquee signs — it lasted a little over 30 years before ultimately meeting its demise and today, the site looks almost unrecognizable with high-rise residential buildings starting to tower over the intersection as part of the Mirvish Village construction project.

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