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Ford Is ‘Shocked’ By Toronto’s Beach Crowds & Compared Them To Florida

"You look at the pictures, it looked like South Beach, Florida."
Ontario Editor

It was a busy weekend in Toronto as hundreds gathered at popular beaches across the city. Multiple photos captured party-goers ignoring social distancing rules and leaving tons of trash behind. In a press conference, Premier Doug Ford announced that he was "shocked" by the Toronto beach crowds and that better protocols need to be put in place. 

Over the weekend, hundreds gathered at both Cherry and Woodbine beach to enjoy the summer weather. 

Many were spotted on video not practicing social distancing laws, and tons of trash was reportedly left behind after the parties. 

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Doug Ford addressed the large gatherings that had taken place.

The premier announced that when he saw the photos he was "shocked" by how much they looked just like the beaches down in Florida. 

The comparison comes after thousands have been seen flocking to beaches in the southern state.  

"You look at the pictures, it looked like South Beach, Florida and you see what happens down in Florida. There were 4,000 cases in one day the other day," Ford stated when asked about Toronto's beaches.  

The premier went on by suggesting that more bylaw officers and protocols need to be put in place to ensure that these large gatherings don't happen again. 

"Folks I get it, you want to get out on a hot day, there's a beach. We got to come up with better protocols, I'll talk to the mayor about it ... we need to get bylaw officers out there."

"Everyone has to practice social distancing, this fight is not over," Ford concluded. 

The crowds reportedly reached their peak on Saturday, before dying down the following day. 

The Toronto Sun reported that enforcement officers were sent to the area at the end of the weekend in an attempt to break up the gatherings. 

However, this isn't the first time officers were needed to break up a party. 

Last month, hundreds came together to hang out at Trinity Bellwoods Park

The weekend was so out of hand, that some were even using residents' lawns as washrooms

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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