You Can Open WC Doors With Your Feet At This Toronto Winners (VIDEO)

Get your foot in (or rather on) the door!
You Can Open WC Doors With Your Feet At This Toronto Winners (VIDEO)

Hate having to touch a door handle immediately after washing your hands? You’re not the only one.

This handy (yes, handy) device was spotted in the washroom at the Winners store at the Stock Yards Village mall in Toronto. An employee was able to confirm they do have a device meeting this description.

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The video was shot by a Reddit user who goes by the name Vittoriosp and posted it with the heading “I wish every WC would have this.”

When he came across the device this past Saturday, he was “surprised in a good way.”

The door-opening tool is known as the StepNpull.

Vittoriosp went on to say that “it was very much intuitive to use and very easy to operate.”

But just in case you don't find it as intuitive to use as him, there are specific instructions listed on the product's website explaining in detail how to use it.

In addition to helping prevent the spread of germs, the website says it will help reduce paper towel consumption and that it is "the final step in sanitation."

The door accessory is made in Canada too, which should put a bit more pep in that (sanitary) step.

Lance McMillan