A local medical professional has taken to the internet to prove just how difficult it is to get a COVID-19 test in Toronto right now. 

Hanna Faghfoury, a Geneticist at Mount Sinai and UHN, took to Twitter to show her internet journey of trying to book a COVID-19 test at around 15 different assessment centres in the city. 

She screenshots each page, almost none of which display any availability in the foreseeable future. 

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The thread shows screenshots of her attempts to book at multiple locations, including, Women's College Hospital, University Health Network, Mount Sinai and St. Joseph's Health Centre.

The vast majority of the pages were reportedly either broken, or appointments were full for the coming days. 

St. Mike's was the most promising, with multiple slots available for Friday, according to the tweet

Some hospitals such as North York General were so backed up that there were no slots for a solid five days. 

"North York General. At least the red writing is clear and it tells me there is no chance I will be seen before Oct 11: IN FIVE DAYS. Cool," she tweets.

Testing sites have been overflowing with demand since the second wave.

Some pharmacies have even opened their doors to testing asymptomatic people.