6 Toronto Homes For Sale That Are So Itty-Bitty You Need A Magnifying Glass To Find Them

The perfect spots to live alone.

6 Toronto Homes For Sale That Are So Itty-Bitty You Need A Magnifying Glass To Find Them

Anyone living in the 6ix knows the pain of trying to find an affordable Toronto home that actually offers a liveable amount of space.

In fact, it's not uncommon for shoebox condos and shack-like houses to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the city, and these listings prove that.

There are tons of tiny homes on the market right now that you may just need a magnifying glass to spot.

Alderwood Home

Iouri Tchoumak | RE/MAX

Price: $999,000

Address: 169 Beta St., Toronto, ON

Description: A charming two-bedroom bungalow that is located in one of Etobicoke's most desirable areas.

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Tiny Starter Home

Huri Peker | RE/MAX

Price: $999,000

Address: 47 Reiner Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: A well-maintained bungalow that could serve as a perfect starter home for a small family.

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Teeny Fixer Upper 

Kalev Koop | RE/MAX

Price: $1,199,999

Address: 40 Beresford Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: An itty-bitty home with a big price tag that is also in need of some serious renovations.

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Little House 

Rhonda Brewster | RE/MAX

Price: $925,000

Address: 300 Oak Park Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: If you're really into minimalism you might be able to make this home work for you.

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Lovely Detached Home

Raymond Hau | RE/MAX

Price: $688,000

Address: 445 Westmount Ave,., Toronto, ON

Description: A small but beautifully renovated home surrounded by lush greenery and parks in every direction.

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Mini Home

Gautam Paul | RE/MAX

Price: $599,900

Address: 270 Linsmore Cres., Toronto, ON

Description: A home well-suited for a bachelor looking to live a simple life.

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