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Toronto Isolation Centre Is Now Open & The Rooms Are Actually Nice

Here is a place to stay if you need to keep away from others. The new Toronto isolation centre for COVID-19 has officially opened and the rooms are actually so nice. It's completely voluntary for people to go there.

As of September 12, the centre is open for people who have COVID-19 or those who are at risk of getting the virus from someone in their household.

Toronto Public Health case managers will offer people a stay at the centre but the decision to go there is completely up to the person.

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For people who are at risk because of someone they live with, staff will also figure out if they qualify based on the individual person's needs.

Where exactly the centre is in the city hasn't been revealed but we now know that people will be housed in an unoccupied hotel.

The City of Toronto tweeted a photo of a room in the centre and it looks like a typical hotel room.

There's a huge bed, a headboard with a light in it if you want to do some reading at night and a sitting area with a couch for lounging during the day.

This is a place for people to safely self-isolate while being comfortable at the same time.

It's in a low-density area so that there is quiet and privacy.

People who choose to stay at the centre will get their own room and meals.

They will also have daily contact with Toronto Public Health for guidance through the 14-day isolation period.

There is room for up to 140 people to stay.

Toronto's new centre is modelled on similar places in other cities where there's been a struggle for people to self-isolate because of how many people live in their household.

This has been fully funded by the federal government.

On September 12, Ontario reported over 200 new cases of COVID-19 for the second day in a row.

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