Toronto School Stays Open After An Entire Class Of Kindergarteners Ordered To Isolate

Back-to-school is not going smoothly.
Toronto Kindergarten Class Isolated By COVID-19 Threat

A school is staying open today, despite an entire Toronto kindergarten class being forced into isolation after possibly being exposed to COVID-19 by a staffer.

The children of Swansea Junior & Senior Public School have been isolated since the school was made aware of the situation yesterday afternoon. The Toronto District School Board confirmed the last date of possible exposure was September 18.*

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26 kids may have been exposed by staffer who tested positive

TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird told Narcity that the 26 kids, as well as a teacher and an early childhood educator, are isolating for 14 days under orders from Toronto Public Health. 

There is no word yet on whether the staffer was a teacher, if they were showing symptoms at the time, or what their current state of health is.

Narcity has reached out to the acting principal Michelle Drimmie Miller, but she had not responded by press time.

According to CTV, the isolated class is one of seven kindergarten classes at the school.

The City of Toronto says there have been 11 recent cases of COVID-19 in the Swansea-High Park area, and only 80 since the pandemic began.

According to the Ontario government, as of 10:30 this morning, there had been 210 school-related cases of COVID-19 in the province.

* This story has been updated