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Toronto Got A New % Arabica Store At Union Station & It Looks Like Heaven's Coffee Shop (PHOTOS)

The design is inspired by Canadian glaciers!

% Arabica at Union Station.

% Arabica at Union Station.

Associate Editor

The popular coffee chain % Arabica has opened its second location in the heart of Toronto and the wait for delicious coffee is finally over.

The Japanese coffee brand's first location in Canada is in Yorkdale Mall, and when I went, nearly six months after it opened, I waited 20 minutes to get my coffee because it was so busy but delicious.


The famous Japanese coffee chain % Arabica has opened a second location in Canada - this time inside Toronto's busy transit hub, Union Station. The coffee chain first set up shop in Canada with its first store in Yorkdale Shopping Centre last Christmas. Doors open at the new location on July 26. #arabica #arabicacoffee #torontocoffee #coffee #torontofoodies #torontofoodspots

On Wednesday, % Arabica opened its second location in Canada in Toronto's Union Station and it looks like a coffee shop you'd find in heaven with the whitest decor you can imagine.

There are 155 stores globally and the newest one was purposely put in "Canada's busiest multi-modal passenger transportation hub," the company stated in an emailed press release.

% Arabica in Union Station.% Arabica in Union Station.Ashna Bharkhada | Narcity

"% Arabica will elevate Torontonians' travel by providing them with a premium coffee experience, through high-quality coffee and an ambiance that will encourage you to take a moment to enjoy your cup that is made from the world's finest beans," they added.

% Arabica at Union Station.% Arabica at Union Station.Ashna Bharkhada | Narcity

The space looks so white that you almost expect angels to serve the coffee to customers. An % Arabica coffee partner even said that once you enter the "thoughtfully designed" coffee shop, "you'll feel your coffee experience has been up-leveled."

When you walk into the Union Station % Arabica, the design might seem familiar because it's designed by Jeremy Barbour, known for Aesop's store designs.

Interior of % Arabica in Union Station.Interior of % Arabica in Union Station.% Arabica | Press Release

"The design draws inspiration from the geological and glacial formation of Canada, with the space consisting of a floor-to-ceiling, carved, faceted wall terrain, including stacked layers of gypsum, that can be found in eastern Canada adding a distinctive Canadian feel to the space," the press release states.

The location's interior is similar to that found in Yorkdale, with its simplistic but chic design that caters to the brand's look, but the Union Station location looks like it has a lot more white. It also has a table that people can stand around to enjoy their coffee and has a more spacious feel.

% Arabica coffee cups.% Arabica coffee cups.% Arabica | Press Release

The store opened on Wednesday and Narcity's Video Reporter, Ashna Bharkhada, said she "liked the cold Spanish latte the best. The condensed milk made it creamy and added a little bit of sweetness, but it wasn't too sweet."

So make sure to give it a try!

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