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These Are The 13 Healthiest Foods You Can Order At Tim Hortons

The holy grail of Canada. When you think of coffee, you automatically think of Tim Hortons. Maybe you think of Starbucks, but let's be real, home tastes like an Iced Capp to us Canadians. We all know what a double double is, we all secretly shed a tear when they "discontinued" Timbits and there's nothing like remembering it's Roll Up The Rim time at Timmies. 

Even though Tim Hortons isn't just a Canadian brand anymore, it's definitely still the most popular in Canada. It's the perfect stop for when you're tired in the morning, on a road trip, or just want a good ol' donut. However, for us that track our calories, like the least amount of ingredients in our food or just are health conscious, eating out can be pretty difficult. Yes, especially around a ton of donuts. 

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Although most of the time you can't find delicious, doughey, chocolate donuts that are 'good' for you, if you are someone who is health conscious then you can totally treat yourself every once and a while. From donuts to iced coffee to sandwiches, Tim Hortons does have a ton of options. However, a ton of those options are half of your calories for the day. Whether it's a low calorie option or just the healthiest on the menu, I got you. You can always look for substitutes like mustard instead of mayonnaise, but if that's too much work, here are the 13 healthiest items at Tim Hortons. 





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Okay, let's be real, when we go into Tim Hortons we spend a good amount of time just staring at the dessert display. Timbits, cookies, donuts, cinnamon rolls... the list goes on and on. It's actually not fair how good all of their donuts are because it makes it super hard to say no. However, when you really want something but you're trying to be healthier or don't want to ruin your calories for the day, these are the best options for you!

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Chocolate Dip Donut

These are such a classic. With a chocolate dipped top and a doughy bottom, this unreal donut won't make you feel guilty at all. This is definitely the 'healthiest' donut you can eat at Timmies, however that doesn't mean you can eat it every day. If you're looking for a donut that you won't feel guilty for eating then this is the best bet!

Calories: 190

Honey Dip Timbit

These little guys will satisfy any craving you have with just a couple, which is why they're so great in Timbit form. If you're really watching how many sweets you have or you're wanting just a couple of bites of something, try out the honey dip Timbit. You won't regret your decision and you'll still feel as light as a feather afterwards.

Calories: 45 per Timbit

Strawberry Cheese Strudel 

For anyone who loves salty sweet things, this is for you. This strudel is so flakey and just melts in your mouth, and you won't even feel guilty for it. This is a perfect dessert for any time of the day, and the taste is to die for.

Calories: 160

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Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, we've heard that for years. While it's best to have your breakfast at home, sometimes that's just not possible. Tim Hortons has a lot of things, but when it comes to their breakfast, a lot of it is filled with fat since it comes with sausage or bacon. If you're willing to say no to those, or just to get the oatmeal, then you're golden. However, if you're watching your calories, a breakfast sandwich can be almost 600 calories!

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Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Mixed Berries and Almond Granola

For those who are looking for the cleanest option, you'll love this. It packed filled with protein, which is perfect for any time of the day. You can get it with either strawberry or vanilla greek yogurt and you could even ask for it without the granola if needed. It's a great afternoon pick me up or a quick breakfast in the morning.

Calories: 270

Maple Oatmeal 

If you're going in the morning, it's best to skip their breakfast sandwiches as they're pretty high in fat. Although the oatmeal is high in sugar and carbs, it will give you energy for your morning. This is definitely the healthiest breakfast option on the menu, but that's considering the calories it has in it compared to the rest of the options.

Calories: 220

Bacon Grilled Breakfast Wrap

Don't be fooled, in order to make this wrap healthier, you'll need to let go of the bacon. We all know bacon is one of the most fatty foods, so having it for breakfast really isn't the best option. Without it, this is an egg breakfast wrap with peppers and onion, and it's up to you if you want to add cheese or not. However, saying no to the cheese would also be a good option.

Calories: 285 with the modifications above

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If you've never tried one of Tim Hortons sandwiches, you're definitely missing out. Their fresh bread and sandwich combos are so delicious and pairing that with soup or their famous chilli is even more amazing. However, of course white bread shouldn't be your first choice if you're watching your calories or your waistline so always opt for a whole wheat or whole grain option.

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The chilli at Timmies is super high in protein and will definitely keep you full for long. Make sure to ask for it with a whole wheat bun, but also keep in mind that the sodium is super high as to be expected from soup. Just make sure the rest of your day balances out, and that you keep an eye on your salt intake.

Calories: 290

Garden Vegetable Sandwich

This is a great option for vegans or vegetarians. To make it healthy, get it with a whole wheat bun, a ton of veggies that they offer, skip the cheese and ask for mustard instead of cream cheese. If you're really looking to clean up your diet, this is the best option to do so.

Calories: 300 with the modifications above

Turkey Club Sandwich

This is a great option for lunch if you're in a rush. This is originally the turkey bacon club sandwich, but we all know bacon isn't that great for us. If you're looking for something more filling then go ahead, but on an everyday basis, bacon shouldn't be part of our diet. You can make modifications to this sandwich by getting whole grain bread, and choosing mustard instead.

Calories: 360

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If we're being honest, we probably all usually go to Timmies to pick up a drink. I mean, they're known for their delicious and perfectly brewed coffee, and they also have a ton of other options like the Iced Capp that are truly loved as well. But I mean, have you looked at the calories on an Iced Capp? Don't. Just trust me when I say there are a ton of other options you can get that are just as delicious and won't damage your ideal day of eating.

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Dark Roast Coffee 

Dark roast coffee has a small amount of calories but a ton of caffeine, so if that's your thing, you're set. Dark roast coffee actually has more antioxidants than other coffees, and if you can it's definitely best to drink it black or with a non-dairy option that they have at Tim Hortons.

Calories: 3

Iced Coffee

Of course, iced coffee is delicious all year round and not just in the winter. However, even though we can all be a little fluffier in the winter, it's still best to be careful when it comes to what you put in your coffee. Getting iced coffee with cream is 120 calories, and getting it with a soy beverage is 60 calories. It's amazing how much a little bit of something in your drink can add up! This is even delicious just black with a little bit of sweetener in it, which would be around 40 calories.

Calories: 60 with the soy beverage


If you're looking for the option with the least amount of calories, that's not tea or water, this is it! There's nothing in it except for the coffee and although it's not the best taste wise, it gets the job done. Maybe you want a coffee and a donut but don't want the extra calories - well this is the right way to do it.

Calories: 1

Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie

Although smoothies that aren't homemade are usually filled with sugar and no actual protein, fruit or any beneficial, this one does have greek yogurt in it which will at least fill you up. If you want something cold and fruity that's not the frozen lemonade, opt for this. It's low in calories, and actually does contain fruit, but it's not recommended to have this all the time.

Calories: 140

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