Toronto Police Warn Public Of Man Who Allegedly Tried To Lure An 11-Year-Old Into A Car

The driver "encouraged" the girl to get in the car, police said.

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Police Warn Public Of Man Who Allegedly Tried To Lure An 11-Year-Old Into A Car

Toronto police are alerting the public of a "suspicious vehicle" whose driver allegedly tried to lure a child inside the car.

On November 8, in the area of Ellerslie Avenue and Senlac Road, "a man driving a beige sedan with a female front passenger approached an eleven-year-old girl," police said in a news release.

Toronto Police Service | Handout

Police said the driver started talking with the young girl and "encouraged her to get into the car."

Police have released a photo of the vehicle, which is described as a beige sedan.

Anyone with information is asked to contact officers at 416-808-3200.

If you've ever watched Catch Me If You Can, this real-life warning by the Toronto Police Service may sound familiar.

According to TPS, a Toronto man has allegedly pretended to be a private mortgage broker while using other people's identities to swindle over $5 million in mortgages since August 2020.

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