Toronto Police Allegedly Seized Cannabis Edibles That Look Just Like Normal Candy (PHOTOS)

Those Cheetos, Fritos and more aren't just your regular snack!

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Police Allegedly Seized Cannabis Edibles That Look Just Like Normal Candy (PHOTOS)

If you're reaching for a bag of Cheetos and not an edible, you may be fooled by this unlicensed dispensary's packaging.

Toronto police allegedly seized "a quantity of cannabis products that were packaged and labelled to replicate mainstream candy products for public consumption" on November 5, according to a news release.

Toronto Police

Officers from the Central North District Major Crime Unit used the Cannabis Act search warrant to search an unlicensed dispensary near Alness Street and Finch Avenue West around 7 p.m. on Friday.

The officers allegedly found and seized "cannabis products" packaged as notable brands like Cheetos, Fritos, Skittles and more.

Police warn that these "products could be harmful if ingested, especially to children," and "would like to remind adults to keep any cannabis products safely stored away from children."

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 416-808-3300.

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