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THC Edibles Were Given To Children On Halloween & Winnipeg Police Have A Warning For Parents

The edibles were packaged to look like popular candy.

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The THC edibles. Right: The package they were offered in.

The THC edibles. Right: The package they were offered in.

Police in Winnipeg have issued a warning to parents after receiving a number of reports that THC edibles had been given out to children on Halloween.

During a press conference on Tuesday, November 1, Const. Dani McKinnon confirmed that marijuana edibles had been discovered "in some children's trick or treating bags" a day earlier.

Police said they received "at least half a dozen reports" about the Medicated Nerds Rope Bites, which contain around 600 milligrams of THC.

In a tweet on Wednesday, they urged parents to be vigilant, posting "CHECK ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN'S HALLOWEEN CANDY!"

The edibles, according to police, are designed to look like Nerds candy, although the packaging does state that the products contain THC.

The items were reportedly inside zip-close bags, which also contained full-sized candy bars, including Mars and Snickers bars.

As of Wednesday, all of the reports had been confined to the South Tuxedo neighbourhood.

In a notice, police explained, "THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a substance found in Cannabis (marijuana)."

"THC is responsible for the way your brain and body respond to cannabis which can include feeling high and intoxication. The potency of THC can vary in different products."

They added that the effects of these products on children could be dangerous or harmful.

The items are yet to be formally drug tested by police, and there is currently no motive for what's happened, but police say they continue to take the reports "seriously."

"We’re treating it as a serious incident and we’re treating it as if it’s actually a cannabis substance that is being distributed to children," McKinnon said on Tuesday.

That said, she did acknowledge that there have been hoaxes and fake calls related to tampered-with Halloween candy in the past.

On the same day, Richmond RCMP confirmed that a girl in B.C. had been hospitalized after consuming THC candy that she'd been given while trick-or-treating.

Similarly, the candy in this instance was THC-infused gummy rope called Medicated Nerds.

There had been no other reports of this issue in B.C. as of Wednesday and the child has since been treated and released from the hospital.

Per Canada's federal Cannabis Act, products that may appeal to young people are prohibited.

This includes products or packaging with "colour, lettering or design that evokes a food product associated with young persons."

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