2 People Charged After Cannabis Edibles Were Found In Halloween Candy In BC Last Year

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2 People Charged After Cannabis Edibles Were Found In Halloween Candy In BC Last Year

Two people in Delta, B.C. have been charged after a parent found cannabis edibles in their children's trick-or-treating bags last year.

The news release from the Delta Police said that the investigation continues after an anonymous tip came in through Crime Stoppers in November of 2020.

The tip was "regarding suspected Cannabis Act violations" and this tip led to the discovery of an associated website.

The constable investigating the tip also reviewed the police file from Halloween night in 2020 concerning the cannabis in treat bags and made a connection.

"The file described how marijuana edibles packaged with a distinctive cartoon style logo had been found in the treat bags of two children, aged eight and nine years old," said the release.

The constable realized that the logo fit the same description as the one from the Crime Stoppers tip.

"Shortly thereafter police executed a search warrant on a suspected illegal cannabis extraction lab on November 20, 2020, in a residential neighbourhood in North Delta," the release continued.

After the search, police determined the targeted house was dedicated to "cannabis production, extraction, packaging for street sale, as well as advertising."

Police also said that in the process, thousands of cannabis edibles were seized as well as packaging and labelling materials and equipment.

Adam MacGillivray and Vanessa MacGillivray, from Delta, have now been charged under the Cannabis Act with two counts of possession for the purpose of distribution and one count of altering cannabis by use of an organic solvent.

There are no known injuries or illnesses related to the incident and the products reported were spotted before they were eaten.

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