People Keep Finding Sharp Objects In Their Halloween Candy Across Ontario (PHOTOS)

If you still have Halloween candy you might want to double check it.

Toronto Staff Writer
People Keep Finding Sharp Objects In Their Halloween Candy Across Ontario (PHOTOS)
Grey Bruce OPP | Handout, OPP_WR | Twitter

Halloween may be over, but this year's treats are proving to have quite a few nasty tricks.

When you crack open a Halloween treat, you may expect a candy centre, but some people in Ontario are finding sharp objects instead.

Grey Bruce OPP is investigating a report of a sharp object found in a box of Smarties that a child received while trick-or-treating, according to a news release from November 2.

"Police believe the box of candy was handed out in the Wiarton area sometime on Halloween night."

Grey Bruce OPP | Handout

Ontario police across the province have reported multiple cases of tampered candy from this Halloween and are warning the public to double-check their treats.

OPP West Region confirmed in a tweet on November 2 that Oxford OPP is also investigating a tampered candy that appears to be an Aero candy bar with a sharp object stabbed through the centre of the chocolate.

Durham Regional Police are also investigating after a yellow lancet needle was found in a bag of Halloween candy.

"As the complainant was going through her Halloween candy, they located a yellow blood sugar lancet needle inside the bag. Police have not received any other complaints," reads the report.

OPP West Region and Grey Bruce OPP are asking the public to check their treats before eating them and for anyone with information to contact them at 1-888-310-1122.

OPP | Press Release

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