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The Toronto Raptors Won't Play Their NBA Game Tonight Because Of COVID-19 Cases

The team doesn't have eight available player to play the games.
Toronto Raptors Game Has Been Cancelled For 'Health And Safety'

Sunday night's Toronto Raptors game has been cancelled because of COVID-19 cases within the team.

The NBA made the announcement on Sunday morning, just eight hours before the game against the Chicago Bulls was scheduled to start.

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In a statement announcing the postponement, the NBA said it had cancelled the game in accordance with the league's Health and Safety Protocols.

"Because of positive test results and ongoing contact tracing within the Raptors, the team will not have the league-required eight available players to proceed with the scheduled game against the Bulls," the statement reads.

No specific players or coaches are named within the statement.

The Raptors had to play their last game against the Houston Rockets on Friday night without Nick Nurse, Pascal Siakam, and six team coaches because the group had been told to isolate by the NBA. 

This is far from the first time the Raptors season has been disrupted by COVID-19 — the team is playing its home games in Florida this year because of border restrictions in Canada.

But hopefully any players and coaches who tested positive for the virus will be better and back on the court (and back in Toronto) soon.

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