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This Video Of Toronto Salmon Flopping Through The Air In Slo-Mo Is Mesmerizing (VIDEO)

When I say swim, you say how high!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope… it’s a fish. A big fish. In Toronto. This dinner-for-four-sized salmon was seen taking the great leap up the Humber River during the annual salmon run.

Did you even know there was an annual salmon run in Toronto?

This slow-motion video captures the awe-inspiring challenge these fish face to get where they need to go to do what they gotta do.

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Every year the salmon – having spent their adult lives in Lake Ontario – swim upstream through the various rivers and creeks found throughout the city in order spawn.

Spawning females lay between 2,000-8,000 eggs according to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

This process has become a beloved Toronto tradition among those in the know, with crowds gathering and cheering on their favourite fish.

These nature-scheduled events typically take place until early November, so you can still catch them (metaphorically please; leave the dears alone to do their business) from a variety of riverside locations throughout the city. 

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