A Toronto Sex Club Employee Shared Her Top Tips & Advice For First-Timers

She dished on the "cozy" spot for some fun group sex. 👀

Oasis employee Fatima Mechtab. Right: The Shagging Wagon in Oasis Aqualounge.

Oasis employee Fatima Mechtab. Right: The Shagging Wagon in Oasis Aqualounge.

If you're looking to spice things up or try something new, Narcity Canada recently spoke with an employee at Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto about what you need to know before visiting the sex club for the first time.

Fatima Mechtab works as a business partner and event producer — in addition to working with public relations — at Oasis, which markets itself as a "water themed adult’s private members spa and lounge" where people can "spice things up, day or night" in various play areas and in the hot tub, sauna, or the year-round heated outdoor pool.

If you're interested but feeling a little nervous about visiting, Mechtab shared some helpful tips for first-timers.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

What advice do you have for someone visiting Oasis for the first time?

"I definitely recommend getting a tour from one of our Aquaflirts hosts," Mechtab advised, adding that if you come to the club on Wednesdays or Fridays she might be the one showing you around.

"I also recommend that if you're new, and if it's of interest to you, check out our event features because they really help to connect you to the community," she explained. "They're fun. It's a way to break the ice."

If you do find an event that piques your interest, such as "Down To F*ck," "Naked Karaoke," or "Porn Watch Party," Mechtab says you should head to The Ballroom (the main event space in Oasis) at 10 p.m. to get things started.

On November 26, the club is celebrating their twelve-year anniversary with a "Sexy In Silk" party which will feature complimentary body painting and a champagne toast.

As well, she recommends bringing flip-flops so it's easier to navigate the water facilities and to wear indoors as heavy winter boots can be clunky.

In terms of playing with others, Mechtab says to "keep an open mind first and foremost."

"Don't have expectations," she explained. "A lot of people may feel that because they paid a certain amount in admissions they're guaranteed something to happen and that's absolutely not true."

"We do not provide any type of sexual services whatsoever. We are a venue that allows people to express themselves sexually in whatever way they choose to."

She explained that it's also a great way for people to meet other "like-minded individuals" and to enjoy the heated pool and other facilities.

"Just enjoy yourself and just keep an open mind and just be open to meeting other people," Mechtab advised.

What would you say to someone who's a little bit nervous about visiting?

As well as keeping an open mind, Mechtab says you should get involved.

"Be willing to participate in any games or icebreakers, because if you're shy and nervous those will definitely help you to loosen up a little bit," she explained.

"Don't be afraid to ask questions. But please pay attention when we do read you the rules."

If you'd like to make some connections before you go to the club IRL, there's also an online community you can get to know first.

"You can see who's maybe attending Oasis based on the members that are there, because members can RSVP if they're going on a particular night, so if you've made friends with people on the platform you can see if they're going," Mechtab said.

It also gives you the opportunity to get a peak into the club as they broadcast what's happening on The Ballroom stage (they do not broadcast the people in the room or any other area of the club).

What would you say is the most popular room that people like to be in?

On the second floor, Mechtab says that people typically enjoy The Dungeon, which is outfitted with a variety of equipment and bondage devices like a swing, a St. Andrew's Cross and other furniture for play.

As for the third floor, she says the Red Room is probably the most popular.

"It looks smaller than it actually really is," she said. Mechtab commented that the room offers a "cozy" vibe that may be well suited to group activities.

She also noted that the Shagging Wagon is a hit with people due to "the novelty."


Price: $15 — $115

Address: 231 Mutual St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you're interested in checking out a sex club, Oasis is a great spot to experience it for the first time.

Accessibility: The building is not accessible but support is available.


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