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8 Valentine's Day Cards That Are So Torontonian They Hurt (PHOTOS)

"My love for you is like the construction on Eglinton... endless."
Ontario Editor
Toronto Valentine's Day That Are So Accurate They Hurt

Nothing says love more than a cheesy Toronto Valentine's Day card. 

If you and your partner live in the 6ix, chances are you've become obsessed with some local icons. 

Whether that be Drake, the Raptors, raccoons and even the TTC, we all admire some parts of the city more than others. 

Now, you can take your love for Toronto and your love for that special someone and combine them together in the ultimate Valentine's Day card. 

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Kyle Lowry Card

Price: $8.00

Details: If your significant other is a huge fan of the Raptors, nothing screams Toronto more than comparing your love to Kyle Lowry's butt.

401 Card 

Price: $7.30

Details: Nothing says "I love you" more than sitting hours in rush-hour traffic on the 401.

Drake Card

Price: $8.00

Details: If your partner loves Drake, nothing is more Toronto than telling them you love them more than your momma and bed.

Pigeon Card

Price: $6.65

Details: Sky rats can sure be annoying, but they're also a great way to show your love.

TTC Card 

Price: $7.00+

Details: Are you really from Toronto if you don't express your love using TTC terminology?

Raccoon Card 

Price: $6.50

Details: While most of the year we find trash pandas completely terrifying, this one is kind of cute.

Eglinton Card

Price: $8.00

Details: If you live on Eglinton, you know just how powerful this statement truly is.

Bathurst Station Card

Price: $8.00

Details: Who needs a card when you could just get two beef patties from Bathurst station and share one with your special someone.

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