Someone Tried To Host A Birthday Party In An Ontario IKEA To Beat COVID Rules (VIDEO)

He was trying to prove a point about lockdown restrictions.
Toronto YouTuber Posts Video Of IKEA Birthday Party During Lockdown (VIDEO)
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IKEA Canada confirmed they kicked a group of people out of their Burlington store after a video posted by a Toronto YouTuber shows people "partying" in their store while not following social distancing guidelines or wearing masks.*

Posted by the Toronto YouTuber "Cringe Daddy," the video features Julian, a Toronto promoter, questioning the city's lockdown guidelines and trying to get around the social gathering limit by having his birthday party at an IKEA in Burlington.

Julian had posted on Instagram a week ago about the IKEA birthday party but purposefully picked the wrong date in order to throw police, security, and Doug Ford off his trail.

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Julian, the organizer, says in the video that he's trying to make a point about lockdown restrictions and the "media scare" surrounding COVID-19.

"I can have 10 people in my house but I can bring 11 people to IKEA," Julian says. "Like that doesn't make any sense whatsoever."

Those 11 or so people gather in the IKEA parking lot in the video, before hanging out and dancing in amongst IKEA furniture inside.

But they eventually return to the parking lot, and Julian tells the camera that IKEA caught on to the partiers.

A representative from IKEA Canada told Narcity over email that they kicked the group out for unauthorized filming.

"Following their departure, the CCTV footage was reviewed and we can confirm that the individuals were only at IKEA Burlington for a very short time and no party took place at our location," the representative said.*

In Toronto, the maximum fines for attending or organizing an event that violates social distancing regulations is $100,000 according to the city's bylaws.

*This story has been updated.

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