9 Ontario Stores That Will Actually Give You Free Stuff On Your Birthday

If you plan it right, you can get free stuff all day!

Toronto Associate Editor
9 Ontario Stores That Will Actually Give You Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Raise your hand if you love to treat yourself when it's your birthday. Now, raise the other hand if you love free stuff. Both hands up? That's what we thought.

Here's a little secret you may not know, plenty of retailers in Ontario hand out free gifts to anyone celebrating a birthday, and if you plan it right, you can get free stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention some free goodies to help you pamper yourself!

So if you or someone you know is celebrating a birthday in Ontario, you'll want to check out these stores and restaurants so you can make the most of your day without breaking the bank.

From sippin' on a free coffee or enjoying a bucket of finger-lickin' chicken wings to free skincare or makeup, here are nine places you can hit up when it's your birthday (or even birth month).


For when you're looking for a pick-me-up during a day of non-stop celebrating, Starbucks has your back. All Starbucks rewards members (it costs nothing to join) can drop by for a free birthday drink of their choice, so long as they have their birthday info filled out.


If getting new skincare or makeup products is your idea of the perfect birthday gift, Sephora offers its Beauty Insider members a freebie during their birthday month and it won't cost you a thing to sign up.

This year the choices range from Laura Mercier makeup to Olaplex hair products, so there is a variety of free goodies to pamper yourself with.

What A Bagel

If bagels are your breakfast staple, then why not stock up during your birth week? Buy six bagels and get half a dozen more for free on your name-day at any What A Bagel location throughout Toronto and the GTA.

All you need to do is flash your license or any other valid photo ID with your name on it.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons also gives birthday gifts to their rewards members to celebrate their special day.


By signing up for Kiehl's loyalty program, members can enjoy a free birthday gift with any other purchase that they make at the store (and the offer lasts up to 30 days after, too.)

Mandarin Chinese Buffet

Can't decide on where to have your birthday dinner when restaurants open up for indoor dining again? At Mandarin, diners can get a free dessert on their birthday. Plus, you can bring home a nostalgic memento with you as the restaurant will also snap a celebratory pic and put it up in a souvenir frame.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Want to have a wing night on your big night? If guests sign up for Buffalo Wild Wings' Blazin' Rewards program, members can celebrate their birthday at any time that month with a free plate of wings.


Want to celebrate your birthday with a par-tea drink? Bubble tea lovers can sign up for Chatime's rewards program to cash in on a free bday bevvy.

To unlock the freebie, however, members have to spend at least $2.50 a week before their birthday in order to qualify. But, once that's done, members can pick up their drink seven days before or after their special day.

Platinum Societea members can also get a free food item or a bit of merchandise on their day.

Baskin Robbins

Anyone who joins Baskin Robbins' Club 31 can go into any of their locations for a free scoop of ice cream on their birthday. Yum!

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Toronto Associate Editor