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9 Free Things You Can Get From The Government That Are Just Oh-So Canadian

Decorate your entire house with Canadiana! 🇨🇦

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Canadian Parliament. Right: A person holding dozens of small paper Canadian flags.

Canadian Parliament. Right: A person holding dozens of small paper Canadian flags.

Free stuff is always good. And, there's actually a whole lot of ways for you to get some fun and quirky free stuff from the government.

While a whole lot of it might not be explicitly clear why you need it, it's still really fun to know that their government can just send you stuff for free for no other reason than that you're a citizen. And yes, all of it is Canadian themed, but that's expected when you get a gift from the federal Canadian government.

So, take a look at some of the following items and don't be afraid to make a request. It's there for the taking! At the very least they've saved you some cash on wall art or some decor for your next Canada Day celebration.

A poster of the Canadian flag

The tried and true classic. If you sign into the Department of Canadian Heritage, you can request a whole lot of patriotic items.

It's a bit of a process to access, but once you make an account, you can request items from the two different categories.

The first of them is your very own Canada flag poster. Perfect for a classroom, a bedroom or even a bathroom. It comes in both a English first and French first version, depending on your preferences.

Check it out

A Canadian flag sticker

To you, a sticker might be a little bit sicker.

If you're looking for something to maybe spruce up your laptop, your guitar case, or whatever you feel is looking a little drab, you can request yourself a Canada flag sticker which you can flop onto anything you want.

Available on the Department of Canadian Heritage, you can soon start slapping that sticker wherever your heart desires.

Check it out

A photo of the Queen

Here's a fun fact that some people forget: Queen Elizabeth II is not only the Queen of Britain, she's also the Queen of Canada. She's on the $20 if you haven't noticed!

And because of that, you're able to call up for government and get a 14 x 17 inch photo portrait of Her Majesty. Want it autographed? Well, you'll have to figure that out yourself. Want it shipped? Well, you'll have to pay for that.

Check it out

A temporary Canadian flag tattoo

Again, this is available on the same Canadian Heritage site and is 100% free.

This is exactly the sort of thing that would be perfect for a Canada Day party or maybe a Canada-centric sports event. Plus, it's kind of like getting a real tattoo from the government, which is cool.

Granted this route is much less expensive and painful.

Check it out

A handheld paper Canada flag

And if you want to do some flag-waving, the government has got you covered.

All you gotta do is make yourself an account with the Department of Canadian Heritage and request a few small wave-able paper flags.

Again, these would be great for any Canada-focused event you might be planning, but you could even go off and just walk down the street giving these a wave. Why not, right?

Check it out

A poster of the Canadian Coat of Arms

Did you know the Canadian coat of arms has a lion and a unicorn on it? Well, if you had this poster you'd know.

On the Canadian Heritage website you can request a 41 x 51 cm poster of the Coat of Arms of Canada with either English or French first. Perfect for any school classroom or a random wall in your guest room.

Check it out

A copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Fans of Canadian history, law and society will have a heyday with this one.

On the Heritage site, you can order either a poster (46 x 60cm) or a certificate (28 x 34cm) of the rights and freedoms that everyone living in Canada are entitled to.

Heck, if you don't know them off hand and want a daily refresher, this really is the item for you.

Put it above your bed to quiz yourself first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Check it out

A congratulatory message from the Prime Minister

Had a big birthday or milestone anniversary? If so, you can submit a request to the prime minister's office to get yourself a special message from the big man himself.

The eligible occasions include 65th birthdays (and every five year interval after that), 100th birthdays (and every year after that) and 25 year anniversaries (and every five year interval after that).

All you need to do is fill out a form and they'll send it your way.

It's a nice message from your close personal friend Justin Trudeau!

Check it out

A flag that was flown on the Peace Tower

Want a flag that was flown on Canadian parliament? Have the patience to wait 100 years?

If the answer to both those questions is "yes," you should see about filling out this government form!

You can put yourself down for a Canadian flag that was flown on the nation's capital that is a whopping 2.3 x 4.6 m and requires a flag pole of at least 13.7 meters tall.

But, the catch is that the approximate wait time for such an item exceeds 100 years. Yikes!

Check it out

So, request yourself some free stuff! At the very least, it'll be great fodder for when you plan that Canadiana party you always host. Right? ... Right?

Enjoy the free things Canada!

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