According to the city's top doctor, Toronto's new COVID-19 cases could drop significantly by the start of June.

Speaking at a Toronto Board of Health meeting on Monday, Dr. Eileen de Villa explained the city could be recording around 400 new COVID-19 cases each day by June 1 if residents continue to limit close contacts and interactions.

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"If we're able to maintain the current level of contact or interaction with each other, and therefore transmission, we can [...] expect to see approximately 400 daily cases," said de Villa.

If contacts and interactions are increased by even 20%, "we would anticipate that our daily case count [...] would be about 800 by early June," she added.

Dr. de Villa noted that while Ontario's stay-at-home and shutdown measures have helped lower COVID-19 transmission by 43% in Toronto, the city remains at a critical point. "Our situation, while improved, is still a serious one," she said.