University Of Toronto Students Go Viral For Stripping & Singing Backstreet Boys In Class

I want it that way!

Associate Editor, Toronto
UofT students seen singing in class. ​

UofT students seen singing in class.

A group of University of Toronto students recently pulled off an epic "performance" during one of their lectures.

In a viral video that's been making rounds on TikTok, a bunch of male students are seen stripping off their shirts and serenading their professor with an off-key rendition of Backstreet Boys' hit song, "I Want It That Way," much to the amusement of the rest of the class.


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The video shows the students passionately singing along to the popular late '90s track, complete with dramatic arm gestures and impressive (or not so impressive) vocal runs.

After the performance, the professor is heard thanking the students and adding a hilarious "call me" as they leave.

According to comments on the video, the prank went down during a "MUS306: Popular Music in North America" lecture at the University of Toronto's St. George Campus at Northrop Frye Hall.

The video on TikTok has already amassed 47K likes and viewed almost 290K times. Many people in the comments expressed their delight at the UofT recognition.

"I was so pleased to find out this happened in Canada but UofT," one person wrote. "Lmao, this being at UofT makes it so much funnier," another wrote.

"THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO?" was another leading comment.

Many others in the comments couldn't help but notice how another student took advantage of this impromptu event to ditch class altogether.

"That one guy at the end in the hoodie saw his chance to leave and took it lmao," a top liked comment read.

While we don't know the full details of the performance or how the professor reacted behind the scenes, it's safe to say that these students definitely know how to liven up a lecture!

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor, Toronto
Rhythm Sachdeva is an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group and is based in Toronto.
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