A TikToker Called UofT The 'Harvard Of The North' & People Have A Lot Of Thoughts (VIDEO)

It has caused quite the debate!

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Tiktoker @Kiana7000 refers to UofT as the 'Harvard of the North'. Right: A historical building at UofT.

Tiktoker @Kiana7000 refers to UofT as the 'Harvard of the North'. Right: A historical building at UofT.

University students across Canada are jumping all over a Tiktok video posted by a student at the University of Toronto who refers to the school as the "Harvard of the North."

The statement has caused quite a stir and debate over the top schools in the country, and also apparently some major confusion.

In the short, five-second video, @Kiana7000 is seen walking the UofT campus with a featured caption that reads, "How it feels going to the Harvard of the North." Clearly, she feels pretty damn good about it.


I heard Kim’s coming here next🤪 #uoft

But what school she's talking about seems to be a major question here.

"Canadians are funny bc I have no idea which college she’s referring to," said one person in a Tweet that has since gone viral, featuring a screenshot of the video.

"Could be either UofT or McGill but it should be clear which bc otherwise neither are the Harvard of anywhere," wrote @thechosenberg in a Tweet that has been seen by roughly three million people, far more than the original Tiktok video itself, which is nearing 200k views.

"Harvard of the North is an oxymoron," she joked.

The comment sections of both posts descended into the debate over whether the University of Toronto or Montreal's McGill University is truly worthy of this title.

Apparently, this argument dates back to a school ranking that is now 10 years old, which Kiana featured in a follow-up video to her original post.


Replying to @Brittany Lucas108 #greenscreen self proclaimed Harvard of the North? #controversial #jk

The headline on the older article reads, "McGill University loses title of ‘Harvard of the North' to U of T: rankings"

Fortunately for us, we don't have to rely on some decade-old ranking to settle this debate.

According to one of the newest rankings of Universities around the world for 2023, the University of Toronto has been dethroned from its #1 spot in Canada by McGill University.

McGill was ranked as the 31st best school in the world and UofT was handed spot number 34.

So, there we have it. If there has to be a 'Harvard of the North', right now, it seems to be located in Montreal, not Toronto.

Sorry, Kiana and UofT.

Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
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