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Swimmers Got Stranded On A Floatie At Woodbine Beach & Had To Be Rescued

They floated too far out in Lake Ontario.
Ontario Editor
Woodbine Beach Rescue Took Place After Swimmers Got Stranded On A Floatie

Some partygoers got their fun cut short after they got stuck on a floatie in Lake Ontario. 

According to Toronto Police, more than one person got themselves stranded on Monday night, which led to the Woodbine Beach rescue. 

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Man in the water on a floatie, yelling for help, he is far out into the lake. 

Toronto Police Services

At around 9:41 p.m. police got a call about more than one person being stranded in the water after a man was heard screaming for help. 

The Marine Unit arrived and was able to bring everyone safely back to shore. No injuries were reported. 

Earlier this month, Hamilton Police were warning residents to not venture out into the water on floating toys after they had to rescue swimmers who got stranded on a flamingo. 

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