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York's Top Doctor Claims Ford's Lockdown Isn't Helping Bring Cases Down

He says retailers and restaurants aren't to blame for the rise in cases.

York Region's top doctor is more than a little skeptical about Ontario's ongoing lockdown measures.

Karim Kurji, the region's medical officer of health, told CP24 on Sunday that he is unconvinced moving the region out of the "red zone" will help keep case numbers down.

Despite rising case numbers last week, York remains in the control zone of the province's reopening plan.

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Our cases aren't arising from the retail establishments nor are they arising from the restaurants or gyms that we can ascertain. Karim Kurji

"Our modelling studies already show that going into the lockdown zone is not necessarily going to be benefiting us much in terms of any real gains," Kurji said. "So we are not too convinced that going into the lockdown zone would necessarily help bring the cases down," he added.

Kurji's criticism of the effectiveness of the province's lockdown isn't the first.

Last week, a group of Ontario retailers signed a petition asking Ford's government to lift restrictions.

Big box stores like Indigo, Hudson Bay, and IKEA are currently limited to curbside pickup.

At the moment, Toronto and Peel Region remain the only two areas in the province in full-on lockdown.