Tiny houses hold some big appeal, captivating homeowners everywhere with their charm, mobility, and usually cheaper price tags. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the tiny home lifestyle full-time though, there’s always the option to rent. This Georgia-based tiny home builder just opened up an adorable tiny home vacation rental resort in Florida, and it’s the perfect place to try the tiny life on for size!

Found in Williston, Homestead Tiny House Resorts opened for booking this summer as an Airbnb service, allowing guests to stay in these adorable, custom-built tiny homes for a few nights.

Consisting of five units to choose from, the homes are all within the vicinity of each other and cost less than $100 to rent for a night.

Each unit features two bedrooms and a bathroom, comfortably sleeping up to four guests. If you're looking to save cash on your Florida vacation, these tiny homes offer a great low-cost option.

Most of the rentals run for $89 per night, with just a few dollars’ difference for a couple of different rentals, including units 3 and 5, making it an affordable place to stay — especially if you're splitting the cost with your crew.

The aesthetics differ slightly from home to home, but generally, each one has a single bed on the bottom floor and another on a raised loft. Each stay also offers a modern bathroom and a small kitchen space.

The tiny house resort is also right next to the Sad Donkey Coffee shop, a perfect start to your mornings.

Just about 25 minutes from Gainesville and Ocala, the resort is close to downtown restaurants and other necessities.

Perfect for a weekend getaway to see your town in a new light, or explore a piece of Florida you’ve never been to before, you’ll definitely want to add this tiny home resort to your bucket list.

Homestead Tiny House Resorts




Address or Neighborhood: Williston, FL

Why You Need To Go: Try the tiny life on for size with these adorable rentals at this new tiny house resort in Florida!

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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