Here's What Travellers From India To Canada Should Know After COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

Get ready to wait months for any sort of visitor permit.

National flag of India. Right: Parliament building in Ottawa.
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National flag of India. Right: Parliament building in Ottawa.

As all travel restrictions in Canada come to an end on October 1, Indian passport-holders, who are among the highest immigrants to the country, wont have to go through COVID-19 testing -- along with many other entrants.

Those travelling on any kind of visa will not be required to show a proof of vaccination either. This is especially noteworthy for international students, who will be attending the Fall 2022 semester in-person, after a pandemic-inflicted hiatus of two years.

Notwithstanding recent developments, there are still various other factors, like immigration application fees and lengthy processing times, to consider for those travelling from the subcontinental country.

So, if you're coming planning to travel from India and want to know what you should be ready for in Canada come October, here's a list of things to keep in mind.

What are the COVID restrictions for travellers from India to Canada?

Gone are the restrictions that were in place in Canadian airports throughout the pandemic, as mentioned earlier.

Starting October 1, international travellers entering the country will no longer need proof of vaccination, do any sort of isolation or quarantining due to COVID-19, or submit public health information through ArriveCAN.

Travellers also won't need to report any symptoms related to COVID-19 when they arrive or go through pre or on-arrival testing.

What are the waiting times for Canadian visas?

Those with an Indian passport will need some sort of paperwork before they enter the country, and can't travel here without a visa, permit, or other documents.

And of course, applying for these documents can take some time. International students from India especially should be aware of the processing times for study permits if they apply from outside of Canada. Currently, they can expect to wait 13 weeks for their applications to be processed.

What is the application fees for Canadian visa?

There are also fees associated with applying for documents you need to get into the country, for people looking to stay temporarily or permanently in the country.

Temporary permits for example, for students who want to study in Canada, will need to pay $150 to apply for a study permit. Visitor visas for those just planning to visit the country short term will need to pay $100.

Flight costs from India to Canada

Plane tickets for those travelling from India to Canada will cost a few thousand rupees. Currently, tickets for a one-way flight from Dehli to Toronto could cost you around $2000 (INR 1.2 lakh) depending on the airline.

Canada lifted the ban over direct flights from India almost exactly one year ago as flyers continue to enter into the country over the last 12 months.

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Sophie Chong
Editorial Assistant
Sophie Chong was an editorial assistant for Narcity Media and is based in Toronto, Ontario.