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Immigrating To Canada Can Be Expensive & Here Are The Fees You Need To Be Mindful Of

Including costs to apply and proof of funds to support your application!

Editorial Assistant
People raising the Canadian flag. Right: Someone holding the Canadian flag.

People raising the Canadian flag. Right: Someone holding the Canadian flag.

From free access to Canadian parks to no-cost services that help with employment, new Canadian citizens are entitled to various complimentary facilities.

But before crossing that threshold, they do have to fork out some cash when filling out Canadian citizenship and even PR applications.

The process to become a citizen currently takes many months, and you must have permanent resident status in Canada before you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

So, as you plan your new life in Canada, here are some costs associated with immigrating to keep in mind.

Permanent Residence Fees

Whether you decide to apply for temporary or permanent residency, there are associated fees for the application process.

Prospective permanent residents could pay as little as $570 if they apply as a Protected Person, or they could spend, at most, $2,140 for their application if they're self-employed or have applied for a start-up visa.

Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Those who have permanent resident status in Canada aren't Canadian citizens just yet. They'll have to apply to be one, and the costs differ between adults and minors.

For those aged 18 years and older, the fee to apply is $630, and for people who are younger, it'll cost $100. As part of the application process, you'll need to prepare for a test, an interview, and then the citizenship ceremony.

Bank Balance

You'll need some cash in the bank if you apply to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, a pathway for "skilled immigrants" who have work experience outside of Canada.

Make sure to have at least $13,310 in your pocket as proof of funds if you're applying solo, but the number can also go up proportionately depending on how many family members you include in the application.

To apply via this route, you'll have to create a profile through the express entry stream on the IRCC website, which doesn't cost anything. However, you might have to pay anywhere between $400 and $700 to get your English language test results and academic credential evaluations in order to set up the profile successfully.


Obviously, housing costs are a big financial factor to consider when immigrating to a new country.

According to, depending on which city you decide to settle in, the average Canadian home price in 2022 ranges from less than $250,000 on the East coast to almost a million on the west.

But if buying is not on the horizon for you, consider renting, which will be close to a minimum of $2000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in a city like Toronto.

    Sophie Chong
    Editorial Assistant
    Sophie Chong is an editorial assistant for Narcity Media Group and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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