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Alex and John doing an interview with talkSPORT. Right: A screenshot from Alex's video of a lion.

Alex and John doing an interview with talkSPORT. Right: A screenshot from Alex's video of a lion.

Two British men who went on the hunt for some beer during the World Cup in Qatar ended up having a wild night that sounds like a scene out of a movie.

The Everton fans recently said in an interview that their search for cold ones ended with a party at the palace of Qatar's Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, where they also ran into some lions, monkeys and exotic birds.

The Twitter video of the interview has since gone viral with more than 2.6 million views.

"We were just having a good time, having a mooch, getting our bearings right and the set-up’s spot on. We’ve been enjoying ourselves," Alex Sullivan told talkSPORT.

"Last night we met one of the Sheikh’s sons and he took us back to the palace and he showed us, he had lions and everything," Sullivan's friend John also told the news outlet.

"Basically we were on a bit of a hunt for some beers and he was like 'yeah, we sort beers, we sort beers', so we jumped into the back of his Toyota Landcruiser, ended up at a big palace. He showed us his monkeys, his exotic birds. It was nuts," Alex said in the interview.

People were quick to react online.

Some people thought the story seemed too wild to believe, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.

Others are comparing it to the film The Hangover, in which the characters stole a tiger from Mike Tyson's home.

Another user hailed the story and took a shot at the guys' Everton team at the same time.

For anyone who doesn't believe the story, Sullivan posted his receipts from that night with a clip of him playing with a lion.

In another clip, Sullivan is seen getting right in the animal's face.

Narcity reached out to Sullivan for comment, but we didn't hear back by the time the story was published.

These two men are not the only fans who may be struggling to find beer during the World Cup after Qatar imposed a last-minute beer ban two days before the event was set to begin on November 20.

So who knows what kind of wild experiences other fans are having!

    Asymina Kantorowicz
    Associate Editor, Global
    Asymina Kantorowicz is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity and health news and is based in Victoria, British Columbia.
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