'Ultimatum' Star Rae Says She 'Flipped Out' After Seeing Zay 'Get Physical' With Shanique

She shared her reunion thoughts on TikTok 😬

'The Ultimatum' star Zay Wilson. Right: Rae Williams.
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'The Ultimatum' star Zay Wilson. Right: Rae Williams.

Courtesy: Netflix

Things got heated between Rae Williams and Zay Wilson during The Ultimatum reunion, and she's already turning to TikTok to explain why she got so upset.

The two really got into it during the hour-long cast reunion, which reportedly filmed just after the cast watched the whole show themselves in February.

Not only did Rae and Zay confirm their relationship had ended, but they also confronted each other about several things they noticed after watching the show themselves.

The issues they fought over include Rae's chemistry with Jake Cunningham, Rae's reaction to seeing Zay get physical with Shanique Imari and their on-and-off-again relationship while living together on the show.

Williams, who says she is "getting hate" for spilling out her emotions, took to TikTok to explain her anger on Wednesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the series finale and reunion dropped on Netflix.

"The reason why you guys kind of see me flipping out at the reunion was because I was really hurting," she said in the video.

"I had to watch the clip of Zay being physical with Shanique, alone in a hotel room, and I couldn’t reach out to any friends or family for support, because I didn’t have my phone," said Williams. "Then I went to sleep. Then we woke up and filmed the reunion. That’s why I was so emotional."


You will never understand what it felt like to find out that way. I got hate for not showing my emotions, now I’m getting hate for them spilling out.

She also used the comments section of the video to clear up some of the allegations that stemmed from the reunion.

"When Zay said I was intimate with him every day he was talking about during the trial marriage. I went to see him 3 times and Jake knew each time," she said.

"One of the times was because Zay's friend passed away during filming and I comforted him. We did break up that night he came home late."

She also explained what happened when the show ended.

"I met with him after filming the last scene of the show with Jake, and the whole cast and crew went out that night."

Williams, however, defended Zay from people in the comments making negative remarks.

"I will delete any negative comments toward Zay. I used to love him. This process has been hard, neither of us deserves hate."

Williams added that as far as she knows, Wilson and Imari "got physical but did NOT go all the way."

On her Instagram she posted a story shouting out her bond with Imari.

"I love you. My friendship with you is one of the only reasons I don't regret going on the show," she said.

@rae.williams | Instagram

Williams also came out as bisexual in the reunion special, which came out on Wednesday along with the finale.

The entire first season of The Ultimatum is now available on Netflix, and a second all-queer season is in the works.

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