'The Ultimatum' Star April Marie Has A New Boyfriend & She's Clearly Moved On From Jake

She couldn't hide him from TikTok!

April Marie from 'The Ultimatum.'
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April Marie.

The Ultimatum star April Marie Melohn has a new love, and fans on TikTok think they know who he is.

Internet sleuths suspect she's now dating an entrepreneur named Cody B. Cooper, although she was still leaving people in suspense about it on Thursday.

April issued then-boyfriend Jake Cunningham an ultimatum for the Netflix show, and it ended with the two of them splitting up. Jake pursued a thing with Rae Williams in the finale, while April walked out of the experience single.

Or at least, temporarily single.

In the reunion special, April spilled the beans and let fellow cast members and hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey know that she has moved on and is now in a new relationship.

While she appears to be happy with her new love, she's been very quiet about him on social media until recently, when the results of the show were released.

April took to Instagram Thursday to drop a few clues about her BF after the reunion aired. In one story she announced he is 30 years old while in another she posted a photo with him and covered his face with the words: "Well, I just can't wait to share this one tonight. Stay tuned."

@itsaprilmarie | Instagram

Between those posts and a few TikToks, fans think they have it figured out.

Her new boyfriend is said to be entrepreneur and real estate agent Cody B. Cooper.

On his Instagram, he states he's a broker, but he also owns various businesses including Kwik Rip, a vape company, and a soon-to-come men's luxury underwear brand called WOODCOX.

While April has been more discreet about her new boyfriend until now, Cooper has posted about her before, and some of her fans got their hands on the pictures and made a TikTok announcing the relationship.

"It looks like April has a new man, who just posted her on his story today," says Tiktoker @marinhaugo in the post.


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Note the white hat in the pic where he's giving her a piggyback. It looks a lot like the one she teased in the face reveal on Thursday.

While April hadn't confirmed her boyfriend's identity as of Thursday afternoon, she did share an Instagram story on Wednesday announcing that her man is on his way home to Austin.

A few hours after that post went up, Cooper posted a photo from a plane window and added the text "#Austin" in his Instagram story.

We suspect she won't be able to keep him off her Instagram much longer!

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer