Another 'Ultimatum' Baby Is On The Way & The Stars Of The Netflix Show Are So Excited

"Coming Soon."

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April Marie Melohn and Cody Cooper.

April Marie Melohn and Cody Cooper.

One of the stars of the Netflix shows The Ultimatum has announced exciting baby news.

April Marie Melohn shared that she and her partner Cody Cooper are expecting their first child together and Melohn's former co-stars are thrilled that she's found happiness.

Melohn posted a video on February 13 showing her and Cooper lying on the beach before showing ultrasounds photos and a positive pregnancy test.

"The hardest secret we’ve ever had to keep! Coming Soon… 2023."

Melohn starred in Season 1 of The Ultimatum, which aired in April 2022.

She issued then-boyfriend Jake Cunningham an ultimatum for the show and they ultimately split up.

Cunningham ended up trying to make a relationship work with Rae Williams, while Melohn ended the show single.

In the reunion episode, she revealed that she was in a new relationship with Cooper, who says he is a broker and owner of the real estate agency, Sprout Realty.

In Monday's Instagram video, Melohn said she and Cooper were in the Philippines for a babymoon.

She also noted that while they don't know the gender of their baby just yet, the former reality TV star says they will have a gender reveal in two weeks.

Melohn also took the time to share a supportive message to any "infertility warriors" after suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS] and low estrogen levels herself.

"These first two months were definitely not easy because I think there was a little denial or fear of the worst happening [...] hard to be excited and to want to share this."

"Don't give up hope, my heart is with you," she added.

Now that they have the final ultrasound scheduled, she says it's all sinking in.

"I'm starting to see changes physically and it's starting to feel real," she said as she showed her baby bump.

Melohn posted a follow-up pregnancy post on February 14, writing she found out she was expecting on December 12, 2022.

"These first two months flew, so we can only imagine how fast time will fly before you finally come into this world & completely change ours," she wrote in the post.

Since sharing the news, Melohn's former Ultimatum co-stars have been sharing congratulatory messages with the couple.

"Congratulations," Rae Williams said.

"You deserve it," Madlyn Ballatori, who also recently shared that she's pregnant with her second baby, wrote on Melohn's post.

"OMG APRIL!!!!! Congrats! So happy for you," Shanique Imari commented and Randal Griffin also chimed in with, "Let’s gooooo!!!!!!"

Former Love Is Blind stars also showed their love to Melohn's baby news.

"Omg congratulations!!! so happy for you!" Natalie Lee wrote, and Iyanna McNeely said, "Congrats!!!!!"

The baby is due on August 24, 2023, and Melohn says she will continue sharing updates throughout her pregnancy journey.

Season 1 of The Ultimatum is available on Netflix. The release date for a second season has not been announced yet.

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