An 'Ultimatum' Star Revealed The Gender Of Her Baby & The Video Is Adorable

Is it a boy or girl?!

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April Marie Melohn and her partner Cody Cooper. Right: April Marie Melohn and Cody Cooper at their gender reveal party.

April Marie Melohn and her partner Cody Cooper. Right: April Marie Melohn and Cody Cooper at their gender reveal party.

A star of the Netflix showThe Ultimatumhad a gender reveal party over the weekend and she's sharing the exciting news with her fans.

April Marie Melohn revealed she was expecting her first child with her partner Cody Cooper several weeks ago and now she's revealing whether she's expecting a boy or girl.

On Saturday, Melohn shared an Instagram video showing the guests guessing what the gender of the baby is.

"Half of the party wore PINK 💗 & BLUE 💙 today! AND everyone thinks they’re right!" she wrote in the caption.

Then on Sunday, Melohn posted a video showing the actual gender reveal.

"I'm scared. I told her to get an ambulance if it was a girl because I will pass out," she says in the video before bursting the balloon to reveal the couple's baby is in fact a girl!

"YES x a MILLION ! I said it every day, every morning & night to cody. 'I really want a GIRL.' 'I hope it’s a girl' but he always told me I was going to jinx it!" Melohn wrote in the caption.

"I just had this strong feeling I was right + dreamed one night my daughter was talking back to me and…. I was right!"

Her due date is August 23.

Melohn revealed she was expecting a baby in February with a series of photos.

"The hardest secret we’ve ever had to keep! Coming Soon… 2023," she wrote on the Instagram post.

In a follow-up Instagram video at the time, the reality star showed support to any "infertility warriors" and shared she had suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS] and low estrogen levels herself.

"These first two months were definitely not easy because I think there was a little denial or fear of the worst happening [...] hard to be excited and to want to share this."

Melohn starred in Season 1 of The Ultimatum, which aired in April 2022.

She issued then-boyfriend Jake Cunningham an ultimatum for the show but by the finale, the two had broken up and Melohn ended the show single.

In April 2022, Melohn revealed she was dating an entrepreneur named Cody B. Cooper.

Season 1 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is available on Netflix.

The show has been renewed for a second season and a queer spinoff, but Netflix hasn't announced when those will premiere.

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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