Here's How 'The Ultimatum' Couples Turned Out & Who Stayed Together After The Finale

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Lauren Pounds, Nate Ruggles, Hunter Parr. Right: Zay Wilson and Rae Williams.

Lauren Pounds, Nate Ruggles, Hunter Parr. Right: Zay Wilson and Rae Williams.

Courtesy: Netflix

A lot of drama went down during Netflix's The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, and the six couples' relationships definitely got a shakeup, though not everyone got a happy ending.

There's been a marriage, a pregnancy, several breakups, a few second chances and plenty of bitter words since the show was filmed, as we found out on social media and in the reunion special. One cast member even came out as bisexual.

It was quite the result for a show that played mix-and-match with couples, where one partner is ready to get married and the other isn't. Each cast member spent time with someone else before going back to his or her original partner, then decided in the finale whether they wanted to "marry or move on."

Here's a breakdown of where the Season 1 cast members are now that the show is over.

Rae Williams

Rae started out issuing boyfriend Zay Wilson an ultimatum but fell for Jake Cunningham during the show. By the end of filming Rae had broken up with Zay, and she and Jake were heading off to take a vacation together.

It seems she did not stay with Jake, and instead has been dating someone else.

Rae came out as bisexual in the reunion special, and her cast members and hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey showed support.

Zay Wilson

During the reunion special, Zay shared that since the show ended and he and Rae broke up, he has been single and is not dating anyone.

Rae and Zay got into numerous heated arguments during the reunion special. One topic they kept fighting over was Shanique, Zay's temporary partner on the show. Things got physical between Zay and Shanique on the show, but they did not end up together.

April Marie

April Marie started out issuing Jake Cunningham an ultimatum. While he spent the first three weeks with Rae, April hung out with Colby Kissinger. They kept things cool and seemed to have more of a brother-sister relationship, as they weren't each other's first choices.

During the reunion special, April shared that she is in a serious relationship with someone else, and that being on the show helped her realize that she and Jake were not a "good match" after all.

Jake Cunningham

When the show ended, Jake and Rae wanted to take a trip together to see if their connection was strong enough to pursue a relationship.

However, they ended up going their separate ways because Rae was still confused about her feelings for Zay.

While Jake did confess he has gone on some dates since the show ended, he's still single for the time being.

Shanique Imari

Shanique went into the show issuing Randall Griffin the ultimatum, and it worked out for her!

Though Shanique had a connection with Zay and lived with him for three weeks, she ultimately realized that Randall is who she truly loves.

The couple got engaged in the finale, but they revealed at the reunion that they called off the wedding plans. They continue to be in a relationship together.

Randall Griffin

Randall's attraction for Madlyn Ballatori was evident during the show, but they didn't always see eye to eye during their three weeks together.

Eventually, the ultimatum worked its magic on him, and he ended up proposing to her. As we mentioned, there are no wedding plans at this point although they're still together and posting pics as a couple on social media.

Lauren Pounds

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Lauren entered the show wondering if her relationship would work in the future with Nate, who wanted to have babies, while she did not. They came out engaged and shared during the reunion special that they went to therapy and have agreed to have one baby, for now.

They've been getting a lot of criticism on social media for their decision to stay together, and she recently fired back telling people to mind their business.

"I do not need strangers to tell me what is best for me, I know what is best for me. I look out for myself. Always," she said in her Instastories.

Nate Ruggles

Nate issued Lauren the ultimatum, and the baby issue seemed like it might be a dealbreaker between them. However, he jumped up and proposed to her when everyone was pairing off into new couples, and they left the show after that point.

They're still engaged, and he shared a picture with his fiancée once the reunion special aired.

Hunter Parr

Hunter went on the show with Alexis Maloney issuing him an ultimatum, and it worked like a charm! He proposed to her rather than choosing a new partner for the show's "trial marriage" period.

Alexis Maloney

Alexis issued Hunter an ultimatum and got her happily ever after.

The couple are engaged and they're getting married this summer, according to her Instagram.

Madlyn Ballatori

Madlyn Ballatori went into the show facing an ultimatum from her boyfriend Colby. In a turn of events, she found great chemistry with Randall, whom she moved in with, and Colby got stuck with April for three weeks.

Things were pretty rocky when they moved back in together for the second part of the show, but they turned it around by the end. Not only did Colby propose in the finale, but they had a quick wedding in the same episode.

But it didn't stop there. Madlyn showed up pregnant to the reunion special, and she announced on Instagram that they're expecting a girl in May.

Colby Kissinger

Colby issued Madlyn the ultimatum, and after a rocky few weeks he got what he wanted: a wedding with Madlyn, and a little cowboy baby on the way.

The entire first season of The Ultimatum is now live on Netflix, with an all-queer Season 2 expected sometime in the future.

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