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Alexis Maloney of 'The Ultimatum.' Right: Lauren Pounds.

Alexis Maloney of 'The Ultimatum.' Right: Lauren Pounds.

The Ultimatum, Netflix's partner-swapping reality TV show, appears to have fudged the ages on one or two of its stars, and it definitely isn't going unnoticed.

Lauren Pounds in particular has come out to say the show "lied" about her age, although it's unclear if the error was intentional.

Others have suggested that Alexis Maloney's age might also be off, depending on when the show was filmed. A few of the stars can be seen briefly wearing masks in the show, and we occasionally get glimpses of the camera crew with masks on, so it's safe to say that it was shot no earlier than March 2020.

According to Netflix's first news release about the show, Maloney is 25 and Pounds is 26 in the series.

However, Pounds shared an Instagram photo of herself in February to declare that she is "30 and thriving," which suggests that something is definitely off there.

Someone commented asking if she wasn't 26, like the show had stated, to which she replied: "They lied about my age. We can't figure out if it was intentional or not."

@laurenkilos | Instagram

The whole ordeal inspired Pounds to go on social media and talk about what she believes is a double standard with ageism between women and men.

She took to her stories to address it with a screenshot saying: “Beyond interesting. So it’s okay for a man on TV to be 30, but we have to lie about age if the woman is?”

Lauren's partner on the show, Nate, is 31 years old, and apparently, they got his age right.

There have been some questions about Alexis Maloney's age as well, given that the show claims she is 25 and that she seems to have turned 27 last November.

"Don't know how it gets better than this #27," she wrote in an Instagram post at the time, while holding a cake.

However, it's certainly possible that Alexis' age is correct. In order for her to be 25 on the show, it would've had to shoot no later than November 2020.

Narcity has reached out to Netflix to ask about the age discrepancies and the date when the series was filmed. We didn't hear back as of press time on Tuesday afternoon.

The series finale and reunion episodes of The Ultimatum are slated to drop on Wednesday, April 13.

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