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US Gorillas Tested Positive For COVID-19 For The First Time & They're Even Coughing

For perhaps the first time on record, multiple gorillas have tested positive for COVID-19 at a U.S. zoo and safari park.

In a statement shared on January 11, California's San Diego Zoo confirmed that eight gorillas who live together had tested positive and said some are displaying symptoms like coughing.

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It is suspected the gorillas acquired the infection from an asymptomatic staff member. San Diego Zoo

The zoo explained, “Members of the gorilla troop [...]  have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.”

It’s believed the animals acquired the illness from a staff member who was not displaying any symptoms, although the company maintains no health and safety regulations were breached.

While the gorillas are congested and coughing, the zoo says they are “doing well” and remain together.

"We are hopeful for a full recovery,” adds the notice.

According to The Guardian, it’s believed to be the first outbreak of its kind among primates in captivity.

It remains unclear which animals can get the illness, but pets like dogs and cats, as well as big cats in zoo facilities, have all been reported to have tested positive.

Premier Doug Ford is self-isolating in Toronto after coming in "close contact" with a positive COVID-19 case, his office told Narcity in an emailed statement. 

A member of Ford's staff tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday evening, and the premier came into contact with this staff member on Monday. 

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