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Workers In Canada Are Planning On Taking Lots More Vacation This Year To Make Up For 2020

Half of Canadian workers are craving an "awaycation" in 2021.

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Vacation In 2021 Could Be Taken A Lot By Canadian Workers

When it comes to taking a vacation in 2021, some workers in Canada are planning on booking quite a bit of time off to make up for 2020.

New research put out by Robert Half suggests that Canada's workers are beginning to burn out due to increased workloads and hours, with 20% of surveyed professionals admitting that they gave up paid time off last year.

Robert Half Canada

According to the data, 43% of responding Canadian workers plan to take more than three weeks off for vacation this year.

Half are ready for an "awaycation" that completely disconnects them from work and 43% would rather have a staycation in Canada.

However, truly unplugging during a vacation might not happen because 32% of workers admit that they'll check in with work during their time off this summer. A further 7% of people said they would prefer a "workcation" — a vacation that combines work and free time.

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