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Canada's Top 15 Places To Visit Were Revealed & They Deserve A Spot On Your Bucket List

It's time to start dreaming, Canada!

Best Places To Visit In Canada: 15 Spots To Put On Your Bucket List
Senior Editor

Stop what you're doing and grab your bucket list! The best places to visit in Canada were ranked and there are so many incredible spots to add to your post-pandemic vacation daydreams.

U.S. News has compiled a list of Canada's top places to visit and it includes everything from nature spots and natural wonders to bustling cities and cozy mountain towns.

Whether you're a hiker, a wine lover, a wildlife enthusiast or simply want to explore Canada the moment you're able to, these 15 places deserve a spot on your post-pandemic Canadian bucket list.

Jasper National Park

Why You Need To Go: The perfect spot for nature enthusiasts, Jasper National Park was praised in particular for its jaw-dropping scenery and impressive wildlife. Just don't forget your camera!


Why You Need To Go: Ranked as one of the best places in the whole world to visit, this iconic Alberta mountain town should be on every Canadian's bucket list. From awe-inspiring hikes and impressive wildlife-viewing to unique local businesses and luxury hotels, there's a little something for everyone here.

Niagara Falls

Why You Need To Go: One of Canada's most famous and iconic natural wonders, Niagara Falls is the perfect vacation spot for pretty much everyone. Jam-packed with incredible nature, countless wineries and fancy casinos, what's not to love?!


The first city to make the top-15 list, Vancouver is "all about embracing the outdoors." The ranking recommends visiting Stanley Park and Granville Island in particular, as well as the Capilano Suspension Bridge.


To get a little taste of Europe at home, there's no better place to visit than Old Montreal. With beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets and museum after museum, you'll feel like you've taken a trip abroad.

Quebec City

Why You Need To Go: With world-class attractions, delicious food and picturesque centuries-old buildings around every corner, a trip to Quebec City is as good as any international vacation.

Victoria & Vancouver Island

Why You Need To Go: In Victoria and on Vancouver Island, there are countless dreamy ways to fill your afternoons. From Parliament tours and wine tasting to boat trips and astonishing sea life, it's almost impossible to be bored here.

Prince Edward Island

Why You Need To Go: Famous for its impressive rolling green hills, red sandy beaches and fabulous seafood, this province is perfect for anybody searching for a little slice of coastal paradise.

Gros Morne National Park

Why You Need To Go: Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 for its incredible beauty, visiting this spot will make you feel like you've just been transported straight to Norway (or the set of a Lord Of The Rings movie!).


Why You Need To Go: This pretty and popular B.C. resort town offers everything from skiing and snowboarding to bungee jumping and a buzzing après-ski scene. Snowsports lovers, rejoice!


Why You Need To Go: You could spend a week in this iconic Canadian city and still feel like you haven't scratched the surface. However, no trip to Toronto is complete without a ride up the famous CN Tower, naturally.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Why You Need To Go: Whether you'd prefer to see the sights via car or on foot, Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island has got you covered. The winding highway of the Cabot Trail has been rated one of the world's most scenic drives as it features river canyons, fishing villages and so much more.


Why You Need To Go: Best known for its world-class skiing, Mont-Tremblant is a must-see for snowsports lovers of all kinds. That said, this spot attracts visitors all year round, thanks to its hiking trails, beaches, horseback riding and overall adorable-ness.


Why You Need To Go: The capital of Yukon, this magnificent region should be on every nature-lover's bucket list. Here, you'll find countless hikes, abundant wildlife and some of the best views of the northern lights imaginable.

Okanagan Valley

Why You Need To Go: According to the ranking, the spectacular views here will "rival those of the world's best wine regions." Home to 84% of B.C.'s vineyard acreage and with more than 200 wineries in total, this is the perfect place for vino-lovers from all over the world.

What a place to call home, eh?

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