Oh, Canada! Two iconic spots in Canada were ranked among the best places in the world to visit and it's not hard to see why.

A U.S. News ranking of the World's Best Places to Visit considered "an analysis of expert and user opinions" to create a global top 30 list and Canada comes in at both 18th and 30th.

Alongside iconic global locations like Paris, London and Tokyo is Banff, taking the 18th spot in the ranking.

In particular, the Alberta town is praised for its "acclaimed restaurants, breweries, boutiques and art galleries," in addition to "some of the world's most beautiful vistas."

Towards the end of the ranking, listed behind Rio de Janeiro, Argentine Patagonia and Costa Rica, is Canada's own Niagara Falls.

Described by the report as one of "North America's best sites," the incredible Canadian landmark came in 30th place on the list.