11 Of The Best Places To Visit In Canada, According To Our Travel Team (PHOTOS)

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Morgan Leet in Nova Scotia. Right: Person in Tofino.

Morgan Leet in Nova Scotia. Right: Person in Tofino.

Canada is full of so many breathtaking destinations that it makes it hard to decide where to actually visit. Some are even little-known places that would stun tourists, if they only knew where to find them.

Luckily, we have the inside information on all of the best vacation spots in the country — tried and tested by our travel team.

Our group of Travel Creators and Editors at Narcity have put their toes in the sand of each coast, hiked up mountains in national parks, walked down the cobblestone streets of adorable small towns, and explored tiny islands scattered around the Great White North. Put simply – we have done the work.

While no one can deny the magic of a vacation abroad, there's so much right here in our home that gets overlooked. So, I decided to poll our team in order to put a spotlight on all of our favourite places, so you can explore the best that Canada has to offer.

South Shore Nova Scotia

Top of the list is my personal favourite — Nova Scotia's south shore. Some might call me biased since I grew up there, but others may call me extremely qualified to speak on it for the very same reason.

I've gotten to explore all the nooks and crannies of Nova Scotia, which most people — even my fellow Canadians — overlook.

While everyone was flocking the shores of the well-known beaches of Tofino or the Toronto Islands, I spent my childhood enjoying the unspoiled white shores and blue waters of Queensland Beach.

You can drive along the coastline and stop at the quaint small towns, like Chester or Lunenburg, and rest at any of the stunning beaches along the way.

Sauble Beach, Ontario

Travel Creator Katherine shouted out Sauble Beach as one of her favourite spots in the country.

This underrated spot is ideal for all those looking for a quick and easy getaway this summer. "The sand is white, the shores are clean and the water is sparkling and bright blue in the summer," Katherine said.

For Torontonians, it's extra convenient since it's just a few hours' drive away.

Katherine recommended people do a little vintage shopping at The Patch while there, and grab some good eats at Casero Taco Bus — which she has dubbed "Ontario's version of Tacofino."


For all the West Coasters out there wondering where the love is — don't worry!

While Tofino is the go-to destination for summer travellers in B.C., I personally prefer this small town on Vancouver Island, which is a convenient 30-minute drive from Tofino.

With cheaper prices and equal charm, this stunning small town has rainforest hikes, beautiful coastal views, and amazing local cafes and shops.

Prince Edward Island

P.E.I might be famous for potatoes and Anne Of Green Gables, but this tiny province has much more to it.

If you make the trip here be sure to spend a few days in Charlottetown, enjoying the local food and wandering through the shops. Then head out to one of the beaches, or go for a coastal hike.

With red-sand beaches, picturesque lighthouses, and stunning cliffsides, this spot is a photographer's heaven. Paired with the tasty seafood options and friendly people — it makes for an ideal summer vacation destination.


Our Associate Editor, Madeline, grew up near Elora, and still regularly goes back to this town for visits.

The historic town is small but packed with "old-time buildings, cute shops, and adorable cafes," she said.

If you want to stroll around and pretend like you're somewhere in Europe for the day, this is the spot to do it. If you're feeling more adventurous, Madeline suggested going on one of the many "beautiful hikes in the area as well as the quarry, a popular swimming hole."

After a long day of exercise, you can then get pampered at the Elora Mill spa.


Blast John Denver, because it's time to head out to the Rocky Mountains.

Charlie, our Travel Creator in Alberta, says this place is "the perfect mountain town with stunning views of the Three Sisters mountain range."

There's no better way to embrace the outdoors here than by going on a hike. Charlie suggests Grassi Lakes and Elbow Lake for all the explorers out there.

This stunning small town also has kayaking, mountain biking, and rafting — so it's an adventure-lover's dream come true.


Our Senior Editor Helena provides an outsider's perspective, being from the U.K. but having travelled all over Canada — and Montreal made her feel like she was close to home.

"It transported me to Europe with its charming architecture, cobblestone streets and hearing the French language being spoken all around," she said. Just go for a stroll in Old Montreal, eat some tasty French-inspired cuisine, and you'll see exactly what she means.

It's no secret that Montreal is beautiful, but visiting the city never gets old. There's always a new shop to peak into, or a delicious new restaurant to try.


Wine country is calling!

Trade in the towering snow-peaked mountains in B.C. for rolling hills and stunning vineyards that will make you feel like you're in Lake Como.

Charlie recently visited this idyllic spot and was happy to find it had all the makings of an epic summer vacation: Beaches, wineries, and hikes. Set in the Okanagan Valley, this spot has lush greenery all around, and massive lakes calling for you to take a dip in them.

If you go here, try out Mission Hill Winery in West Kelowna, and you'll feel like you're in a storybook castle.

Montebello, QC

Vacation isn't just for the summertime!

Helena visited this charming area in February, which meant everything was coated in a fresh snowfall. This made for an especially beautiful trip to Omega Park, where there are animals all around.

Then you can cozy up by the fireplace at the iconic Fairmont Le Château Montebello and even pay a visit to their spa. Helena also said to check out Manoir Papineau National Historic Site, which is nearby.

Blue Mountain Village, ON

A go-to spot for Ontarians, this little village is great all year round.

And if you're anything like Madeline, you'll soak up the European vibes this pedestrian village has to offer, especially during the holidays.

"The village transforms into a twinkling Christmas town that is straight out of the North Pole for the Holiday Magic at Blue event. You can sip decadent hot chocolate and explore a glowing trail of lights," Madeline said.

In the summer you can take advantage of all the patios, breathing hikes, and maybe even get a thrill on the zipline.

Quebec City

Katherine channelled her inner history buff when exploring Quebec City, taking in all the culture it has to offer. With cobblestone streets and cute boutiques, this city will satisfy all your aesthetic vacation needs.

"You can also get a great balance of cityscape and nature here," she added.

If you're in the mood to get spooked, Katherine recommended "doing some kind of haunted walk or ghost tour."

Happy travels, Canada!

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.