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A Quick 20-Minute BC Ferries Ride From Vancouver Can Take You To This Adorable Tiny Island

A fall get-away is calling!

A woman on Bowen Island. Right: BC Ferries.

A woman on Bowen Island. Right: BC Ferries.

Staff Writer

If you're looking for the perfect weekend getaway activity, look no further than this stunning tiny island in B.C.

Bowen Island is only a 20-minute BC Ferries ride from Vancouver, which makes it super easy to get to. There are a ton of activities to check out on the island like hiking, local shops, adorable cafes or restaurants and even cideries.

This would make for the ultimate date day or a fun adventure with friends.

A must-try spot on the tiny island is a restaurant that actually looks like a slice of Italy. The restaurant, called Tuscany, is decked out in stunning greenery and provides some incredibly romantic vibes.

The menu offers delicious pizza options, pasta dishes and even Italian-inspired desserts.

It's the perfect stop on your weekend getaway adventure to the island.


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You can also check out some of the magical hikes around the island like the Killarney Lake loop trail, which is a great option for all the beginner hikers out there, according to Vancouver Trails.

The 9-kilometre hike only takes around 2 hours to complete and the trail will lead you right around a lake that is in the middle of the island.

Before heading back home, don't forget to hit up the island's local cidery, called Bowen Island Cider House.

The family run orchard-based craft cidery has a selection of drinks made with "heritage apple trees of British, French, and German cider varieties," according to its website.

There are a few different drinks to taste test on the farm and it's even dog friendly too.

If you are living in Vancouver, Bowen Island is such an easy place to visit and it would make for the ultimate weekend trip.

Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay) to Bowen Island (Snug Cove)

Price: $11.20 each way, without a vehicle

BC Ferries Trip Length: 20 minutes


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