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A Bar In BC Turned Away A Massive Party Bus Filled People This Weekend

There were more than 20 who wanted to come in.
A Bar In BC Turned Away A Massive Party Bus Filled People This Weekend

A group of party-goers didn't get their way over the weekend. On Saturday, August 8, a party bus full of a group of up to 25 people rolled up to the bar at Hotel Belmont. But the managers held their ground and turned the Vancouver party bus away at the door.

Narcity spoke to Don Falconer, the general food and beverage manager at the Living Room Restaurant at the Hotel Belmont, who told us how he and his fellow managers deterred the bus. 

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"On Saturday night, around 11:00 p.m., we saw a black bus, around 20 to 30 feet long. It pulled up just outside of our front windows," he told us. 

Right off the bat, Falconer and two other managers on shift decided to come together and went to alert their assistant general manager, Jeff Simpson. 

Simpson had apparently already told security before Falconer and the other managers could make further plans to stop the party. 

According to the provincial rules, more than six people can't be seated together at restaurants or bars in B.C. That's why management was determined to keep the party-goers from entering the bar. 

"People started just pouring out of the bus. It looked like somewhere between 20 to 25 people," he told us. 

"Jeff, who was outside, said, 'I'm really sorry but nobody who's on that bus is going to be able to come in tonight,'" said Falconer. 

Falconer said they didn't resist the assistant manager's orders and left the scene "without any problems." 

He told us that he empathizes with the people at the party bus and the vehicle operators themselves.

"That's another industry that's been hit really hard, as we have been at food and beverage," said Falconer. 

"Everybody's got to feed their families and pay their rent but there are restrictions in place, and they are there for a reason," he said. 

A lot of COVID-19 exposure alerts have been issued for venues in the city. From rave and hookah parties to bars across town, you've got to be careful where you socialize. 

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