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These Adorable Dogs Arrived In BC After Being Rescued & The Videos Are Heartwarming

These pups are so cute! ❤️

Vancouver Staff Writer
A man and a rescue dog. Right: Rescue dogs landing at YVR.

A man and a rescue dog. Right: Rescue dogs landing at YVR.

This rescue organization in B.C. is saving dogs to give them “a second chance at life in Canada,” and the videos surfacing on social media are super emotional.

China Rescue Dogs has had multiple rescue missions to save dogs "from the meat-trade and slaughterhouses in China and find them forever home," according to Sam Scaman, the communications coordinator for the rescue.

It's "truly an emotional experience considering many of these dogs were hours away from being slaughtered for the meat trade," she added.

A video of one of the organization's rescue missions, which landed in YVR on September 7, started a viral TikTok video with over 16 million views and hundreds of heartfelt comments.


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A total of 33 rescued dogs landed in YVR on that day, and people came out to pick up their new pups!

"Once the dogs clear customs, they will come out to cheering volunteers and fosters," said Scaman.

This Vancouverite, who adopted one of these dogs from the rescue on September 7, is posting updates through her TikTok account.

"It's okay now, sweet angel you're safe," read the TikTok.


Update on this angel🥺🤍 organization is called China Rescue Dogs. #vancouver #rescuedog #fyp #adoptdontshop

Another TikToker posted a video about her experience going to pick up her new rescue puppy from YVR.


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China Rescue Dogs’ efforts had to be redirected through Canada following the U.S.’s dog import ban last year. However, Canada will soon be under a dog ban of its own — starting September 28, the commercial entry of dogs from countries deemed “high risk” for rabies will no longer be permitted.

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