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BC's Top Doctor Warns That There Are 'Consequences' For Not Getting Vaccinated

"Yes, we absolutely can say, 'To come in here, you have to be immunized,'" said Dr. Henry.

Speaking at the B.C. COVID-19 update on Tuesday, July 27, Dr. Bonnie Henry said that the next two weeks are crucial for getting as many British Columbians vaccinated as possible.

Health officials noted that things like pop-up clinics and mobile clinics will be starting across many communities in the province so people can get their COVID-19 vaccine doses without appointments. While the province is really placing focus on vaccination rates, Dr. Bonnie Henry noted that there are "consequences" that come with choosing not to get vaccinated.

BC's COVID-19 immunization plan

"It is a choice to be immunized, but there are consequences for people who are not immunized and that's going to be more important for us as we head into the fall, as we know this virus will increase and we're likely to see other respiratory viruses," she said.

"We'll be looking at the measures that we need to put in place to protect people, particularly those who are most vulnerable."

Henry went on to mention that if she were running a nightclub, she would want to ensure her staff were safe.

"Yes, we absolutely can say, 'To come in here, you have to be immunized.' That gives people the level of comfort that they are in a safer environment," she said.

It is unclear if the province will be putting health measures in place specifically for unvaccinated populations, but Dr. Henry has indicated that business owners may be able to dictate who can enter, as per her nightclub example.

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