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Gas Prices In BC Are Skyrocketing In 1 City This Week & You Should Fill Up Here Instead

Gas prices in Vancouver are up 7 cents a litre compared to several days ago — a staggering increase in comparison to the rest of the province.

In Vancouver, you could fill up for 157.9 cents a litre on November 5 but, according to Gas Wizard, that same litre of gas is expected to cost 164.9 cents by November 11.

On the flip side, gas prices in Victoria, B.C., have actually dropped from 162.9 cents a litre last week to 159.9 this week.

If you're looking for cheaper gas, prices in Kamloops, B.C. are holding firm. The price is 152.9 cents a litre, compared to 151.9 on November 5.

Kelowna is the same price — 152.9 cents a litre — as one week ago, but prices did drop to 150.9 over the weekend.

Gas prices over the border in Alberta are even cheaper again, with prices at 143.9 cents a litre in Calgary and 141.9 cents a litre in Edmonton.

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